Bringing a powerfully simple self-management solution to landlords worldwide

Managing your own rental properties has never been this easy.

RentingSmart is a web-based platform savvy investors use to cut out the middleman and manage their investment properties easily and confidently. Self-management allows you to earn tens of thousands of dollars more in income over the lifetime of your property investments. 

We know that nothing beats human connection. That's why RentingSmart has been carefully crafted and calibrated over time to achieve a unique blend in changing how your property is managed and how your tenants interact with you. 

RentingSmart delivers a high value of weekly savings from your property investments and does it in such a simple but effective way that you'll be wondering why you haven't signed up earlier.

A strong connection, both ways, with your tenants lies at the heart of a successful investment property strategy. 

RentingSmart allows you to streamline all tenant communication, keep track of payments, generate invoices, track expenses, manage all documents and make EOFY tax submissions a walk in the park. 

"I love having direct contact with my landlord. He checks in regularly and makes sure his tenants are doing OK, and that everything's in working order in the unit." 

Sumi, tenant (Hobart)

Tim always knew there must be an easy way to self-manage his properties and save money. 

Meet Tim Morris, the driver behind RentingSmart. Tim is a family man, golf enthusiast and coffee snob. Like many Aussies, Tim started his property investing journey early in life to grow wealth and set his family up for a comfortable retirement. 

The problem was that the accumulation of property management costs with each new property Tim bought made his sunny, golf-playing retirement seem further away.  Paying so much money for a service that he wasn't satisfied with anyway and thought he could easily do himself appeared illogical. 

So, he started using RentingSmart in 2012. He was so impressed with the platform that he acquired it in 2017, making it even more potent for goal-driven landlords worldwide.  

As an IT specialist with software automation expertise, Tim worked tirelessly to produce a self-management platform that one of his friend's 85-year-old grandmother could use. 

RentingSmart users can now self-manage unlimited properties, centralise all communication, streamline records, save thousands and have a direct relationship with their tenants - from anywhere in the world. 

"It's a no-brainer, really. I want RentingSmart to empower landlords by putting them in charge and help them achieve their financial goals quicker."

Tim Morris, Managing Director at RentingSmart

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Using RentingSmart is as easy as...

Sign up and use free for 14 days

The first 14 days are on us. Get acquainted with the platform and let us know if are experiencing any issues. We won't ask you for your credit card details in the free 14 days. If you've gone past the 14 days and you're not a million percent happy with us, we'll give you your money back. As simple as that. 

Advertise for a tenant

For a discounted $89, you can advertise your property on Australia's leading property websites, including,,,,, Note - you have to be a paying RentingSmart customer to use this feature. Click on "Find a Tenant" in your dashboard.  

Set up your properties

The software will prompt you to enter your property and tenant information, upload lease agreements, and generate a payment schedule. Your property dashboard will show all relevant information, including who's behind, when the next payment is due and how it's paid. 

Add maintenance issues and info

Log your maintenance to-do list with priority toggling, detailed explanations, photos and assignees. This provides full transparency on maintenance responsibilities, avoiding a build-up of issues. Your personalised messaging portal with each of your tenants makes it easy to keep on top of communication and keep record of every discussion. 

Add all your expenses

Adding all your expenses from day one is crucial to avoid the shoebox tax rush come EOFY. This feature makes it easy for you to log each expense in the correct category and generate cashflow reports that your accountant will thank you for. 

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Not so fond of doing property inspections?

We've been working hard behind the scenes to bring you Tenant Connect - a ground-breaking remote property inspection app that simplifies the way you do property inspections. If you self-manage your rental properties, trust us - you don't want to miss out on this mobile app - launching very soon! 

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"It's insane. We're currently managing 13 tenancies through RentingSmart. We would have paid 8% of each tenancy to a real estate agent. I've made the calculations: we're saving $20,000 per year."

- Erin

"I'm loving your program. I should have done this years ago." 

- Leo

"I love the system. I love that my tenants don't have to pay through the system and incur extra cost. I also think the pricing is very good."

- Sarah-Jayne

"I love the RentingSmart software. I have tried two others over the
years but this one is the easiest to use by far." 

- Christine

"The system works great and I love it."

- Gavin

"It has been a great and very easy tool for us to use and track
payments and expenses. Thank you for making the process so easy!"

- David

"Thank you for the use of your fabulous software. I will certainly recommend it and will use it again if/when I buy further rental properties."

- Barbara

"It's been a very useful platform. It made management
of our property very easy."

- Karen

"In terms of doing exactly what I need, for a very very very decent price, RentingSmart wins hands down. Looking forward to automating as much of the property management as I can thanks to your platform. 

- Lee M

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