Can I get lease agreements from RentingSmart?

Because RentingSmart is available anywhere around the globe, you will have to contact the relevant government agency in your area to obtain a valid residential tenancy agreement. Many of these are available on government websites. Need help finding these? We can help - simply contact us. 

How can RentingSmart help me stay on top of maintenance?

The number one rule of property maintenance is to know about them while they're small and (hopefully) less costly to fix. 
At RentingSmart, we obviously cannot physically go in and action your repair requests, or check that you've actioned them. But we do provide the platform for your tenants to notify you easily of any issues, and for you to mark them as "done".
The number two rule of property maintenance - always communicate! If your tenants know you're onto it, they'll be happy. 

And what about rent collection?

At RentingSmart, we cannot physically collect your rent on your behalf, or authorise a direct debit on your behalf. It is up to the landlord to collect the rent. The platform makes it easy to set up a rent schedule that works for you and your tenants, to see who has paid, who's in arrears and when next payments are due. We'll remind your tenants of upcoming dues, and we'll remind you to check your bank account on due dates.

Do I need to download or purchase any software?

Nope! RentingSmart is a web-based platform and can be accessed from any internet connected device in the world (just like online banking or social media platforms). Therefore, there is nothing for you to download. This also allows us to make updates and roll out new features while you sleep.  

Is my information secure on the platform?

We try to stay at the forefront of cyber security in every update we do - while you sleep. Your information is securely encrypted and backed up every single day for optimal safety of your confidential information. 

Can I manage properties with more than one tenant per property?

Absolutely! While each property on RentingSmart only allows for one active lease at a time, you can still collect rent from multiple tenants per property. If tenants in the same property are on multiple leases with different pay days or dates, you would need to treat each tenant as an individual property. Perhaps name them something like "22A Main Street" and "22B Main Street".

Can I manage more than one property?

Yes, you can manage as many properties as you like. There is no limit. The RentingSmart software will allow you to view the dashboard per property. Sign up and create an account for one property, and as you get familiar with the system, you can easily add more properties. 

Can my tenants view the documents I upload?

Only if you want them to. If it's private - it's for your eyes only. Use your unique tenant communication link that we'll provide when you sign up, for all the conversations with your tenant and to share relevant documents. 

How do I communicate with my tenants in RentingSmart?

All communication can happen within RentingSmart. Of course, that's up to you. Messaging, emailing, maintenance issues, or conversations about the rent all happens within a secure communication portal that we'll provide for you. The only time we suggest communicating otherwise is in a case of emergency. For the rest, you'll find it's incredibly handy to have a centralised communication stream, so you can reference back to a certain conversation or easily find information. 

Will my tenants also use RentingSmart?

Yes, and we suggest that you encourage them to use RentingSmart for all communication with you, letting you know about urgent and non-urgent repairs and discussing rent. 

Can I cancel my RentingSmart subscription at any time?

Yes. Every RentingSmart subscription comes with a 14 day free trial. Once you're a monthly paying customer, you can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us directly. 

Does RentingSmart track rental income and expenses?

Yes! The software effectively and reliably tracks and reminds you when a rental payment is due. The same goes for expenses. If you upload your lease and property information from the beginning, the software will do the rest. RentingSmart can also send invoices and receipts to your tenants making the entire process seamless and a no-brainer. 

How complex is the software - how fast can I learn it?

Our founder had one goal - to build self-managing software for landlords that his 85-year-old grandmother could use. And she did - without a hiccup! So is it easy to use? We definitely think so. But if you have any questions, you can contact us directly.

I have another question that's not covered on this page.

We'd love to hear from you. Send us a direct email with your inquiry - tim@rentingsmart.com.au. 

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