How this user saves up to $20,000 per year using RentingSmart

Erin Rutherford is an HR Manager who lives with her husband and young children in Ipswich, Queensland. 

Erin and her husband own multiple properties in Ipswich, with thirteen tenancies that need to be managed individually.

A few years back, while working with a property manager, Erin thought, surely she can do a better job at managing their properties than the real estate agents doing a mediocre job for them?

While on maternity leave with her first child in 2018, Erin searched for an online property management platform and started using RentingSmart. She has never looked back. 

Erin and her husband Jason love traveling and going on family adventures. Their cost savings through RentingSmarts helps them do that. Plus, they can manage their properties from anywhere.

Savings that are off the chart

Depending on the requirements for the specific month, Erin spends an average of one hour per month reconciling rents and a few extra hours for those months she’s invoicing for water usage. 

When she has to initiate a re-let, she spends some extra time on it, but she adds: “Our tenants do stick around due to our great direct relationship with them, so I don’t have to re-let very often.” 

And when it comes to money, Erin and her husband save around $18,000 – $20,000 per annum on agent fees. 

Her favourite things about RentingSmart 

For Erin, the most challenging part about managing their properties was keeping records of everything. But RentingSmart makes this simpler for her. “I love the simple way that rent received is entered, ledgers are created, and EOFY reports can be generated quickly.”

She has also enjoyed cutting out the agent as the middleman to work directly with her tenants. Her tenants appreciate it, too. “We have found that direct contact with our tenants, including open communication, is the best way for us to operate. Previously, our managing agent would call us to ask for directions on everything, whereas now our tenants call us directly and we solve their issues immediately for them.”

RentingSmart makes the process simple 

“I would recommend RentingSmart to other self-managing landlords like me. The system works well, and being able to produce professional-looking receipts and ledgers for my tenants is great. 

“Self-managing tenants isn’t for the faint-hearted but RentingSmart makes the process as simple as possible. The system is easy to navigate and looks great so the administration behind each property is accurate and easy to follow.”

RentingSmart could do the same for you as for Erin. Try it free for 14 days, and contact us if you have any questions! 

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