Confidence, savings and efficient management: Luke’s RentingSmart journey

Luke managing his properties from his caravan.

Luke Hudson, a previous property manager turned self-managing landlord, has been a loyal RentingSmart user since January 2021. He manages six tenancies in three properties through the platform and enjoys the control it offers him as a landlord.

Saving thousands of dollars per year

Luke owns a block of flats containing three tenancies and a house-and-granny flat combo with three tenancies in Newcastle. 

Confident in his ability to self-manage these six tenancies, Luke uses RentingSmart each month and saves money and hassle by cutting out the property manager. 

Assuming he would have paid a 5.5% commission rate and considering other related real estate costs like annual statements and re-letting fees, Luke saves around $8,400 per year by using RentingSmart.

Confident landlord = confident tenants

“All of my tenants appreciate having a private landlord and not having to deal with real estate agents for maintenance reporting, etc. I also hold a belief that because the tenants know where their rent payments go (to a nice, standard family), they pay their rent on time and look after the place. There is no wondering if the owner cares or not.”

As a confident and experienced self-managing landlord, Luke appreciates the polished finesse that RentingSmart brings to the overall rental attraction for prospective tenants.  

“When I first meet new tenants, it gives them confidence that their rent payments are being tracked and recorded correctly. It’s also great to forward a ledger quickly and easily when doing a rental reference for a query from the tenant.” And whilst he has never been required to use it, having reliable records also provides him peace of mind should any tribunal issue arise. 

“I used to be a property manager, so I understand what a fully featured system includes. RentingSmart is really close, and all that a landlord needs to manage and account for the tenancy.”

“I would recommend RentingSmart as an accounting and management tool. It doesn’t suit nervous landlords, but it is a great system for those who are confident and organised. I also like that it is online, which means I can receive rent wherever I am – from my phone or laptop.”

Who needs RentingSmart?

If you’re a landlord owning one or multiple investment properties and you’re serious about being in control and organised, saving money and having a direct relationship with your tenants, then RentingSmart is for you. 

It’s a web-based platform savvy investors use to cut out the middleman and manage their investment properties quickly and confidently. Self-management allows you to earn tens of thousands of dollars more in income over the lifetime of your property investments.

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